Apple Home Pod Review – Does it give great sound?

Apple home pod is smart loud speaker and it competes with similar devices like Amazon Echo and Google home.

the home pod has 6 microphones and 4 inch woofer into a small form factor as well as the apple home pod packs 7 tweeters.

This is new home pod this is apple’s first smart speaker and it is really good to get on things like the amazon echo and the google home among other competitors so it is not the first speaker that apple was designed  in 2006 and they have launched the ipod high five and they are available in white and space the gray so this kind is expensive for a smart speaker but sound quality is paramount that it’s actually lined in a felt so it does not scratch the plastic wrapper on the home pod box so getting all the first way we have a tamper pulled to release the plastic just like on an iPhone now both home pods are packaged slightly differently and once you left up the lid you will notice that the cradle for the space gray home pod is a bit taller than the one for the white and

I am not sure why that is so once lift the home pods out of their box the first thing that I know where the way is how much this is heavier than other speakers and there is piece of protective plastic on top of the speaker which prevents the glossy plastic from being scratched during shipping in the bottom of the box is the paperwork is circular to match the home pod we have a quick sort guide that defines how to use the touch controls on the screens of home pod as well as some commands and of course the home pod is the power cable its wrapped in a fabric material which sort of mimics the fabric that’s on the home pod although it looks like its permanently connected to the home pod it just requires some force to play now apple does not really mention you can do this so you perhaps do not want to do this but it can be done that means you should be able to replace this cable the connector is designed slick so

it only goes in one way in this angle to the shape of the rounded edge of the home pod the connector connects with two lines inside the home pod and it needs force to reinstall and fortunately home pod has an integrated power supply so you do not need to be sad so it’s so easy to install this on a crowded home pods is very simple I have to do is power them up and you will hear a tone once they are ready to start preparing and you will see an LED lights flashing lets you know that its ready to pair so of course I am pairing two of them and all I will do to hold my ISO device next to the speaker I want to pair and this will initiate the paring process very similar to a set of air pods once we click setup where the home pod is so we can specify it in the room to know is it enable or disable and there is you know about it allows the home pod to have access to your messages your reminders you may want to disable this we can also transfer accounts and settings from our iPhone to the home pod so we should not separate it

this will set Wi-Fi your iCloud and music passwords and more to finalize the setup process the home pod will sound a unique tone which the phone listens for them and you should enter your password and while you setup is accepted then Siri will start talking to you like this Hi I am Siri welcome to home pod you cannot tell but I am waving to get my attention say hey Siri let’s try it say hey Siri what can you do I can do everything like turn on the light and tell you a news update and tell you about the weather now you try say hey Siri play some music ok there is private radio only for you starting with Najibullah and remember while you had a question only say hey Siri and in the top of the home pod is a speaker volume and this allows you to control volume as well as playback controls Siri and we have an LED light show which sort of invokes the color scheme of this Siri animation on Mac OS and IOS so now we have all until its lit up including the vine controls the vine controls are visible when you play back media the light show on the top thanks from home pod series of LED underneath a different

you can look to light from everywhere the home pod is concave so that forbids from working suddenly off a table if you blast music that it keeps very good and stable this is also where you will find some of the regulation info along with the series number a big part of the design the home pod is unique seamless 3d fabric that surrounds it this is transparent so here is not distortion from audio passing through this but most of the fabric covers hard plastic all of the speaker are actually in the top and bottom circumference when middle has microphones punched through a solid plastic itself gives the home pod kind of a spongy texture when you handle it but otherwise it’s a really sleek design of fact the entire sock surrounding the home pod is actually held together with a drawstring that keeps the fabric tight versus the shell of the home pod and it is tied internally home pod wright about five pounds and the reason it’s so heavy

they call this a high execration sub woofer because it moves a lot of air so there’s lot of movement in that magnet and around the bottom edge of the speaker is an array of seven horn loaded tweeters which is able to produce a much more different sound so the sound sounds so good even you are comfortable and circumference the home pod is a six microphone array for far field so this means that you can order Siri across the room indeed if the Siri was played you can order even if you don’t hear your voice and this is the best home pod I have tested today but they are also used to tune the audio output of the speaker and even it prepares the audio in the room with their condition  and even it knows everything  about audio is it in the mid or corner or beside wall and this happens in real time it is not something you have to set up or calibrate

it just happens automatically and here we have another internal frequency calibrate for automatic base correction here is few traits missing at launch for home pond the biggest one is airplay which would multi room audio on the other future coming is stereo pairing so you can actually combine two home pots for a set of stereo speakers and they automatically calibrate other next up let’s do a quick comparison of how the home pod sounds compared to some of its main rivals when it comes of judging speaker quality its actually kind of hard to communicate this and this balance out perfectly what is really impressive here is you have really impressive low end performance out of speaker this small when protecting the clarity of the mid so you can hear voice clearly and

you can still clearly hear the background and the wide soundscape of the music that you play but the real strength and the home pod is the nature of the sound out of the speaker it fills up entire room of sounds the same style speaker that faces forward and blasts everything in one direction besides IOS even you can make home pod as external speaker for Mac OS I should select it from your available audio this also works with the apple TV so if you press on the play pause button this will bring up the speaker selection and from there you can select one of the home pods the other benefits although you are much limited to shuttle controls home pod can also be used for phones call that you can use as a source  for and as well you are using but you cannot pick up it so in home pod we have some option to directly pick your call up and beside that you can control your playback also and by the help of the home pod you can play your favorite song from far distance so how

you can the most important thing is connect your device with home pod then start listening and you can go to select your song from YouTube and send this to home pod for off or on and there is option for icon like these I can hear audio the home pause though because this also is working with third party music app such as Google play music and Spottily and I can select any of the home pod pasta to stream that music too now you do get some limited series functionality with third party music apps so basically you have shuttle controls or you can pause it sometimes you order to the siri like this hey siri go next to the track or change the song because you want to listen another song so you do not have a designed apps specifically for it so if you go to the home app you will see it as one of your accessories 3d press to expand it out and this allows you to quickly look at your alarms so right now I have an alarm for 8 am and I can turn this in or

turn it off now if you go to details this is where you change the sitting for the device so I can change the account or just sign out of it I can also tell it to allow or disallow explicit lyrics I can also use our listening history to inform our music library selection I can also just turn off eye Siri from the screen as well we can also change the voice you can select the language right now it is limited to Australia at the united kingdom and the united states we also can change the voice whether you want an American Australian British female or male accent so next up let’s have a little conversation with the home pod to show how the series in real hey Siri what’s the weather like tomorrow expect rain in Rochester hills tomorrow the high will be 44 degrees and the low will be 23 so because I have to them side by side only one of them answered even though both of them were listening so it’s smart enough to hand it off to the right device this also works then you have another IOS device nearby hey Siri what’s the weather like tomorrow to the phone took over while the home pod set silent and that really depends on what device is closest to you

now if you want Siri to stop listening all you have to say is haste Yuri stop listening I can turn off hey Siri but if I do you will need to press the top of the device to get my attention is the what you want yes ok I have turned off het Siri alright so well after you now is tap and hold turn hey Siri back on ok I have turned on hey Siri you can also change the volume of home pod with your voice and the quickest way to do it is to simply say hey Siri buying 50 ok I changed it you can also say hey Siri set vine to 80% ok I changed it home pod is primarily a music device and so apple music is at the core of its functionality so unless you are an apple music subscriber this may not be terribly useful to you but since my full access to my library as well as my podcasts and more so using the home pod with apple music is pretty intuitive hey Siri plays some alternative music now playing alternative radio hey Siri play hard son hard son by any better now whatever you want you can do just order or say hey Siri home pod the most popular the most precious speaker and wonderful home pod with soft speaker and it has bass and more traits