Realme 2 pro -the $200 smartphone ?

Realme 2 pro first look with an aggressive price

Realme one wasn’t really a successor because most of  the specs were really downgraded on it but when they launch the realme 2 pro it would like ok , so this a nice looking phone and it comes with water drop style notch at $200 this phone really make quite a lot of sense you get really good spec sheet whit snapdragon 660 chip with 4GB Ram and 64 GB of storage.

So most two best things about the realme 2 pro is it’s design and display first up you see that water drop style notch on display gives great screen to body ratio and and the display itself is quite nice, it delivers very good brightness levels and sharp with full Hd plus resolution while playing games or watching movies it gives you pretty good experience

The design of the phone may appear to be quite basic and it’s the phone doesn’t really a solid metal frame or glass back but it tries to give you that feel and that’s understandable for the price tag of $200  realme  has paid a lot of attention to the hardware rather than the materials used tough it has mad sure the device is sturdy enough to bear the daily grind,

What could really go wrong with that is you may have a lot of smudges on the back of the phone and it may get a lot stretches getting older earlier than the glass panels otherwise the design is sophisticated for it’s price

It’s almost the same as what you get on the Oppo f9 pro which has less price than realme  like the earpiece is placed between display and the body sensors place below the screen and slot that allows you to add two SIM and SD card you do get micro USB port at bottom of the phone which would have been better if it was type-C USB port but not many companies are offer that right now at that price segment But overall you do get a sturdy enough smartphone that also manages to look well and is ergonomically good balanced.

The rear camera captures good amount of details and even in low situations you can see it performs pretty good and it’s also able to shot good portrait shots, another good on the realme 2 pro pro is that the fingerprints and the face unlock are pretty fast enough it’s as fast as xiaomi redme note 5 pro what’s more important is that like xiaomi redme note 5 pro it offers you great specs as well

The internal hardware on this device is decent enough to let your favorite game like asphalt or PUBG or many graphic intensive games in that HD or high graphic setting which is pretty good for a phone at this price but what this hardware could not do is impress us with the software performance yes we’re talking about PO’s color OS which is not as fast or rather not as fluid as the stock android interface or even other android skins like the Me UI or was fun touch OS you encounter animation while opening or closing apps and there are other irritating things like you can’t swipe to dismiss am notification

The notch is also not properly optimized and you will see it intruding the content area the interface is heavily influenced with IOS be it the recent apps menu or the camera app or even the full layout the home screen is inspired from the IOS and not in very good manner but most of all it’s lack of a fluid experience that would hinder your buying decision

 the selfie camera on the  smartphone really over processes photos mean the rear camera also does that to an excent but the front facing camera does it a lot in the basic mode with HDR and everything in off condition you’ll see the photos are really over processed just to keep the face bright

and last but very important thing is that the device does not support fast charging the battery back up is good  in intensive usage it would still last one good day but there is no fast charging it takes for about 2 hours to get 90% charged

so overall there’s no denying a fact that realme 2 pro really offers you great hardware and very nice and crisp display for the price it comes out it also manages to look quite nice although the build materials are not at per with some other phones in this price segment

but having said the between the interface that adds a lot of value to the overall hardware and experience of the phone and that many of the companies have come to realize, next there also no files charging as we mentioned and these are two major drawbacks of the realme 2 pro.